Comprehensive Diabetes Education

We have adopted innovative approaches to optimizing diabetes outcomes, including an on-site diabetes patient education program under the expert direction of our certified diabetes nurse educator, Linda Spagnola, RN, BSN, CDE (see below). This helps us bring patient-centered care and the latest technologies to our patients with diabetes and related conditions.

Our comprehensive diabetes self-management training services include individualized diabetes education, provided at no charge by our on-site highly experienced certified diabetes nurse educator, Linda Spagnola, RN, BSN, CDE. The emphasis is on current treatment approaches and successfully fitting diabetes into your lifestyle. One-on-one sessions with Linda are designed to help each person according to his or her needs. Follow-up sessions are scheduled as needed. This helps ensure that our patients with diabetes are well-informed, active participants in their own care.

In addition to Linda, we have access to several other certified diabetes educators, providing free expert training and professional support on the latest generation of insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors, glucose meters, and diabetes medications. Training is done in the office or at a location convenient to you.
We also offer free informal small-group classes taught by certified diabetes educators. Please ask us for more information.

We can provide referrals to local registered dietitians for more detailed nutrition counseling, weight management, and special diets.

We feature a robust library of diabetes education print and online resource materials.

Linda Spagnola, RN, BSN, CDE – Certified Diabetes Nurse Educator

We are most fortunate to have the expert diabetes education services of Linda Spagnola, RN, BSN, CDE. Linda developed type 1 diabetes at age 12, leading to a lifelong interest in helping others with diabetes lead full and productive lives. For over three decades, her wealth of practical experience has been a tremendous advantage for literally thousands of patients dealing with the everyday real-world challenges of understanding and managing their diabetes. Linda teaches, coaches, guides, and encourages patients so they understand their diabetes in the context of their personal lives. She works with them to set and meet behavior-change goals to improve their health and quality of life. Her devotion to helping people with diabetes to be active, empowered, and successful participants in their care is legendary in our community.

Linda is a graduate of Youngstown State University with a BS degree in Biochemistry, and a graduate of UNCG with a BS degree in Nursing. Her early nursing career included working for several years as a hospital staff nurse while further preparing for a career as a diabetes educator. She has been a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) since 1988.   

Linda has worked with Dr. Michael Altheimer continuously as a diabetes nurse educator since 1986, including 26 years at Greensboro Endocrinology and Diabetes and its affiliate Greensboro Diabetes Self-Care Center. Under Linda’s guidance, that program was among the first in the nation to become an American Diabetes Association Recognized Education Program.  

Linda served on the board of directors of the Greensboro chapter of the American Diabetes Association for several years. She is a certified insulin pump trainer for several companies. She is a highly-regarded speaker and trainer for various companies that make diabetes management products.

Diabetes educators have a unique skill set and serve as essential support for patients with diabetes and related conditions. Linda currently provides a full range of diabetes patient education services at no charge at Greensboro Endocrinology. She is here part-time in her capacity as a Consultant for Roche Diagnostics, whose support of our patients is much appreciated.