Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) uses an FDA-approved device to provide glucose readings throughout the day and night, allowing people with diabetes to know their blood glucose levels and trends. 

  • CGM has been an established technology for over a decade. Numerous performance advances throughout the years have made today’s systems extremely accurate and reliable.
  • CGM consists of three parts: a small sensor that measures glucose levels just underneath the skin, a small transmitter that is fastened to the sensor and sends data wirelessly to the receiver, and a receiver that records and/or displays your glucose trends. 
  • Data from the receiver can be downloaded to specialized computer software that helps us analyze and troubleshoot your glucose patterns together.
  • CGM provides up to 288 glucose readings per day (once every 5 minutes). 
  • CGM does not completely eliminate the need for fingerstick blood glucose meter readings, but provides additional information for more informed treatment decisions and improved blood glucose control.
  • There are two types of CGM:
    • Professional CGM is a service provided or arranged through our office, in which the device is attached at our office, worn for up to 2 weeks, and removed at our office. Data is then downloaded, analyzed, and reviewed with you as the basis for enhanced treatment recommendations.
    • Personal CGM is a device you own, allowing continuous real-time monitoring of blood glucose and with some devices including audible high and low blood sugar alerts. We can order the device and supplies, and arrange for one-on-one training.

  • There are currently two companies with CGM devices:

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I have been a very satisfied type 2 diabetes patient of Dr. Michael Altheimer for 27 years. With his guidance and care I have been able to remain very active and healthy and have been able to maintain good blood sugar control for the entire time. I could say many positive things about Dr. Altheimer, but one that impresses me most is that for a long time practicing physician he is constantly up to date on new drugs, medication delivery systems, and lifestyle enhancements and has been proactive in suggesting changes if and when better protocols become available and/or changes in my medical condition warrants.